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A commitment to service and proximity

Are you looking for a new or used property? Would you like to rent a house of apartment?

I@D proposes a wide portfolio of properties in Portugal (mainland and islands). Thanks to our search engine, you will be able to find the best options quickly, subject to several criteria: location, type of property, number of rooms, area, budget, etc.

After identifying the property, we invite you to contact the consultant who is responsible for it, and who will then promptly contact you to provide all the necessary information and the best counselling for an informed choice.

The satisfaction of providing a service of quality and proximity

Our consultants operate in a limited intervention area, close to the area where they live. Qualified, they offer their clients, either buyers or sellers, a quality service which is extremely competitive

Prestige properties

Find your dream home

I@D offers a selection of charming and prestige properties in different regions in the country: houses, farmhouses, manor houses, stately homes, castles, historical buildings, apartments...our consultants accompany you and will direct you, if necessary, to experts in rehabilitation/restoration of old buildings. Follow our advice and make your dream come true!

Compras, vendas e arrendamentos de prestígio Compras, vendas e arrendamentos de prestígio